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iCue-Playout Multi-Channel Streaming & IPTV Playout Server




ICUE-PLAYOUT is a high-performance streaming media playout server, supporting multi-channel SD, HD, and even 4K streaming. Output streams can be fully synchronized. Any type of uploaded MPEG-TS files can be streamed out to a variety of IP video and IPTV applications.


ICUE-PLAYOUT  server  is  designed  for  secure  and  stable 24/7/365  operation.  The  units  can  be  clustered  to  reach higher numbers of streaming outputs, or can be combined to create redundant playout systems.


  • File-to-Stream generation & playout for IPTV/OTT operators
  • Info-channels and ad-channels for digital signage
  • Inhouse video on-demand & hosting of files/recordings
  • LAN or WAN based video archive
  • Streaming playout for all eyevis eyeCON MetaWall products
  • Streaming to all eyevis EPU-LCD, video walls etc
  • Control  Room,  Broadcast/IPTV/OTT,  Digital  Signage,
  • Presentation & Information systems



Download iCue-Playout Datasheet pdf 176 kb