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iCue Player: All-in-One PC Stream-Player


iCue Player

The ICUE media server provides extensive possibilities and functionalities and acts as crucial linchpin in your tailor made IPTV and streaming solution. The media server supports recording, import, playout, managing live streams and it provides content and user rights management. ICUE is the “all in one” solution.

The ICUE-PLAYER is the perfect addition to the ICUE-SERVER.


Using ICUE-PLAYER the operator has a tool for easy and quick search and playback of video streams. In addition to that ICUE-PALYER provides full control of video streams provided by ICUE-SERVER. All users can get access to live streams or the video archive using VoD functionality. Videos recorded at the system can be viewed fast and easily.

To video content managed by ICUE, extensive metadata can be added like user right, EPG, attributes etc. These metadata can be adjusted using ICUE-PLAYER so it is always possible to find content fast. Access to stored content is possible for authorized users only.

Recordings of live streams can be preconfigured, or started directly. Loop recordings, i.e. for compliance recording, are supported as well. It is possible to import MPEG-TS videos and available video content can be used for play out of video streams. Play out is possible as single videos or playlists and single playout, weekly or automatically on regular bases.

All above mentioned functionalities can be configured using ICUE-PLAYER.

iCuePlayer iCue™ Player 4.0 User Interface



Download iCuePlayer Datasheet pdf 974 kb
Download iCuePlayer User Guide pdf 3163 kb