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Medical and Campus TV

Würzburg University, Faculty of Medicine
Video recording and documentation of medical operations and their subsequent use is gaining importance in medicine. Video publishing of medical operations is also increasingly important in medical research and education.  

The Medical Faculty of Würzburg University requirements were: To provide better practical education for students by using live video feeds from 16 operating theatres to 10 lecture theatres. To enable the head physicians and chief surgeons the ability to view medical operations directly on their office PC's in case their advice and support is needed. (Tele-Medicine). 

An extensive user and permission management system should ensure that access to protected recordings is secure and available to authorized people only. The recordings should be stored and documented for further educational and research purposes. An intuitive PC based video editing utility must be included, in order to create training videos and presentations quickly and simply. 

It should be possible to transfer recordings to partner universities via the internet.  

Each operating theatre is equipped with three fixed and two movable cameras. A further video signal supplies additional medical data (e.g. ECG). Each of the six video sources connected to an encoder. Recordings are started and stopped directly in each operating theatre. In the lecture theatres, set-top-boxes are connected to video projectors and managed with IR-remote controls. The set-top-boxes guarantee high quality projection onto large screens as well as high quality audio.  

The head physicians and other authorized people are able to view the operations directly on their PC displays using iCue XPlayer-QUAD software, which shows four separate video views at the same time. A double click on one of the four video signals delivers the selected video in full screen. Another double click returns the quad view again.  

The video recordings are securely stored and archived on an iCue™ streaming media server. The recordings can be accessed from any PC in the faculty for target-oriented training and other monitoring purposes.  

Technical Solution
A redundant iCue™ streaming media server is the core of the entire system. It uses the existing network infrastructure for IP video transmission between the encoders, set-top-boxes and PCs that have the XPlayer software installed.  

The iCue™ streaming media server functions as the central control unit for the comprehensive user management and the storage of the video streams. A total of 96 MPEG-2 encoders are in use in the operating theatres. The encoders stream the camera signals in DVD quality onto the faculty’s network. The video signals are then available for recording and viewing by authorized users.  

Staff in the operating theatre use the iCue™ streaming server to accept or reject any requests to view the live content sensitive video signals with a simple mouse click. iCue™ records and stores the video streams and authorizes the access, post editing and archiving of the videos.  

The system has the ability to transcode the on-campus MPEG-2 streams into lower bandwidth MPEG-4 streams, which facilitates the sharing of important material between partner universities using the Internet and webcasting.

Additional Values and Benefits
The implementation of IPTV provides the following advantages:

  • Effective distribution and flexible access to streams in IP networks.
  • Extensive user authentication and permission management allows appropriate control of live and recorded video that may contain critical and private information.
  • No additional wiring is necessary for an analogue transmission network.
  • A fail-safe electronic archive guarantees instant and non-linear access.
  • Simple and intuitive PC based video editing enables speedy production of training videos.
  • iCue™ is a scalable and modular system for a complete range of applications.

Teracue is a provider of television and information systems for professional IPTV. Teracue stands for high quality video, intelligent media storage systems and simple management of Video-over-IP and IPTV in education.

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