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IP Based Remote Control & Configuration Application



The ElementManager™ is Teracue's remote control application for encoders, decoders, set top boxes and display devices. ElementManager™ enables  you to effectively administrate individual LAN and intranet products. It is ONE application that allows you to easily control, monitor and manage almost all Teracue products.

ElementManager™ - One for All

Would you like to turn on all plasma displays and set top boxes in the morning? Quickly control encoders, decoders and set top boxes and manage them in groups? Monitor the basic health status of installed products?

Real Simple Control: Many video networking installations consist of large numbers of individual hardware devices, which each have their own user interface and own workflow. ElementManager™ enables operators to control and manage these individual devices via one comprehensive platform.

Flexible Control: ElementManager™ operates based on device sets. Devices, i.e. products can be organized and controlled individually, in groups or all at once. Commands are stored in presets so they can be easily reused when they are needed again at a later time.

Full Control: Preset-groups are special presets. They are a combination of presets, thus enabling the control of two or more completely different device types.

Additional Control for Non-IP Products: Non-IP devices can also be remote controlled by the ElementManager™. Serial RS-232/422 commands can be tunneled over IP. This is ideal for products that do not have an IP interface or a network connection, e.g. plasma displays, LCD’s and TV’s.

Customized Control: ElementManager™ can also be used with other devices such as lighting control, window shades, facility management, etc. If the ‘unknown’ devices have an IP or Serial Interface then ElementManager™ can be customized to support new products.

The ElementManager™ enables you to take control of your IPTV and video networking products. The ElementManager™ has been designed to group and remote control larger number of devices that are present on the network.

Remote control tens or hundreds of set top boxes to receive new or different live streams, turn monitors on/off, and change multiple encoder or decoder settings - all at the same time from one graphical interface.

  • ElementManager™  provides remote control, grouping, presets and basic alarm and scheduling for an unlimited number of clients and standard devices
  • Allows grouping and remote controlling of IP and also
    serial RS-232/422 devices
Download ElementManager Datasheet pdf 635 kb
Download ElementManager User Guide pdf 4663 kb