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Live Video Transmission

2M Telekom, Italy: An Italian broadcaster utilizes real-time encoding and transmission to share and distribute television and video signals between remote locations. In the beautiful region of Piemont, video is transported with Teracue encoders and set top boxes between broadcast centers in the cities of Turin, Alessandria and Cuneo. The main requirement is the live contribution of video content and in supplying these live services to distant sites.

LTRT Ouest, France: NXBP Bank has several offices in France. For one of the biggest buildings located in south-eastern Paris - in 2005 - LTRT OUEST has deployed a large video over IP solution based on Teracue Live Business TV application. The main requirements was to distribute via IP two internal communication video channels, dedicated for internal video signage. Additionaly, some satellite TV signals can also be streamed over this network. This is acheived by the FR-2000 rack composed of six ENC-100 encoders, which encode and stream the video channels to over 90 screen displays.   The network distribution method one-to-many (multicasting) provides the advantage that one of the six live streams can be picked up and viewed by an unlimited number of end-clients - no matter if these are PCs or plasma displays. A total of 90 plasma displays are installed at points-of-interest inside the bank complex. The plasma displays pick-up and display the DVD-quality streams via AmiNet110 set top boxes. The employees are able to view the same TV programs via Standalone XPlayers that are installed on their workstations.   An additional branch of NXBP Bank in the center of Paris also needs to supply its staff with hi-end, real-time IP television. The application is to deliver economical and information TV channels to the finance traders. The TV channels are received from satellite and streamed over IP with ENC-100 encoders. Standalone XPlayer PC client software is installed on over 100x trader's PCs for real time TV channel viewing. Other NXBP sites are expected to be installed with Teracue IP video solutions in early 2006.

BMW Leipzig, Germany: In 2005 Teracue products were used in temporary AV installations when Germany's ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder visited the BMW Leipzig plant. The requirement was to provide professional and real-time transmission of the guest speaker to on-site auditoriums and plasma displays.

LTRT Ouest, France: The CARGO theater, the cultural center (Maison de Culture) in Grenoble required professional in-house video monitoring. LTRT Ouest has installed nine ENC-100 real-time MPEG-2 encoders to capture the video signals from nine cameras, which are installed throughout the complex. The staff of the cultural center views and monitors the cultural events and shows directly from their offices - by using the Standalone XPlayer on their desktop PCs.

N24 News Broadcaster, Germany: This German TV broadcaster is based in Berlin and in Munich. N24 has deployed a solution for real-time, live video transmission (video trunking) over an IP network. The streamed signal is used for multiple purposes: Professional cleanfeed transmission, re-broadcasting of qualityfeed in DVB-quality and as a source for InternetTV and webcasting. The encoded signal is of high quality in order to allow video copying, dubbing and archiving. The robust transmission needs to fulfill 24/7/365 requirements.

2M Telekom, Italy: In Milan a national broadcaster uses ENC-100 encoders and Teracue set top boxes to solve the requirement of video contribution between sites. Video content needs to be delivered in high-quality and low-delay to another site within the city limits. The equipment is using one-to-one unicasting transmission to travel over a regional network. This transmission is realized via a point-to-point wireless connection, using wireless RF links, ranging from 10km to 75km. Video is encoded and decoded at 6Mbps to achieve professional DVD-quality.