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DMM-220 DVB to IP Gateway for IPTV Headends

DMM-Series     DMM-220
The DMM-220 is a high-density, cost-effective modular DVB to IP gateway system for IPTV headends. The DMM-220 receiver is equipped with two independent tuners, which can be DVB-S/S2 or T2/T/C inputs. Next to TS/IP output it supports a wide range of applications by its additional ASI, HDMI and CVBS outputs and its integrated H.264/MPEG-2 HD/SD decoder.

It has two DVB common interface slots for the most well-known CAS in the market to decrypt multiple pay TV services. The compact dual tuner design and powerful decoding capability make DMM-220 one of the most competitive DVB to IP gateways in the market.

Main Features:

  • Dual tuner for DVB-S/S2 & DVB T2/T/C
  • Dual DVB-CI slots & BISS 1/E decryption
  • Remux, PID filtering & dynamic PMT support
  • MPTS & SPTS streaming multicast & unicast
  • Separate IP port for streaming & management
  • MPEG-2 & H.264 SD/HD decoder
  • HDMI, analog A/V & ASI outputs
  • Remote configuration by web browser & SNMP
  • Local configuration by handheld unit
  • Stand alone function of each module
  • Hot swappable modules


  • IPTV streaming
  • OTT streaming
  • DVB monitoring
  • DVB remultiplexing
  • SPTS & MPTS streaming
  • Decryption of Pay-TV

DMM Professional TV Gateway Series:

The DMM-220 is the perfect link and bridge between both the DVB and the IP video-networking world: The IPTV Gateway Headend System encapsulates the original DVB transport streams (TS packages) into IP: live streams ready to use with IPTV set top boxes, PC players, for use with IPTV Middleware and for stream recording. Mainly used in hospitality, corporate and educational IPTV and CATV applications.

The TV or radio input DVB signals can be descrambled and decrypted before sending them out on the IP network. This is possible via the included CI-Common Interface. The CI slot can hold two Smartcards for simultaneous decryption.

Every DMM-220 blade is controlled remotely and independently via remote control software over the network. Each blade operates fully individual and is equipped with a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface. Enabling robust and stable 24/7 operation, without being dependent on additional blade controller units.

Download DMM-220 Datasheet PDF 722 KB
Download DMM-220 User Guide PDF  1.505 KB