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Karl-Heinz Wenisch and Wolfgang Schmiegelt founded the company under the name "inPhase Fernseh-Studiotechnik" in 1991 as the German distributor for broadcast products by Harris, formerly Leitch and Videotek. The range of services was extended from 1998 onwards: modern IP networks offered completely new channels for broadcasting and providing video content in professional quality. Inspired by the visionary imagination of individual customers we developed the first successful IPTV (Internal Protocol Television) systems. With this the company became one of the pioneers of this trend-setting market sector of video broadcasting in IP networks at the end of the 90s. In June 2005 the two business areas, Broadcast and IPTV were merged under one common name Teracue AG. Today we are a well-known manufacturer of hardware and software products for IPTV solutions and video networking from one source – Made in Germany.

We are operating now under the name Teracue GmbH. Teracue AG, in early 2014, has been aquired by eyevis GmbH, a leading provider of videowall and visualisation systems headquartered in Reutlingen Germany. With the integration of Teracue into the eyevis enterprise group, we are now part of a larger and stronger corporate structure, which enables us to provide our customers with even better end-to-end solutions.

Our common philosophy for aiming at highest customer satisfaction, manufacturing robust and professional products “Made in Germany”, offering excellent service quality and maintaining trusted long-term relationships with our customers is the core of our corporate culture.

IPTV offers the chance to provide any video at any time in any place. Television programmes, camera signals and monitoring feeds can be broadcast as virtual routers via digital networks in almost unlimited quantity. For our customers IPTV means: video at any workplace regardless of using PC, TV, plasma or projector.

As the exclusive German distributor we offer amongst other things products for test and measurement technology, analysis, monitoring and signal processing. In the broadcasting sector our most important customers include public and private broadcasting incorporations as well as companies from the studio technology and post production sectors.

The product components for IPTV offered by us enable high quality video broadcasts in LAN and intranet networks. Live streaming  and  video-on-demand,  e.g.  for  digital  company television  and  video monitoring can  be  realised  using  our encoders, decoders and streaming servers. Our IPTV range of products also includes the necessary software applications for  the  administration  and  complete  management  of  all components  in  the  whole  system.  Our  developments  are system  products  and  components:  the individual  product modules  can  be  combined  and  scaled  any  way  you  like. Sales are processed via system integrators and a professionally qualified retailer network certified by us.
The  competition,  customer  expectations  and  technology conditions in this high-growth market are rapidly changing. We  cope  with  these  challenges  using  individual  concepts and  reliable  system  support.  Our  most  important  IPTV customers include: companies, banks, universities, hospitals, fire stations and police central offices as well as aerospace companies  and  government  military  facilities  for  defence, intelligence and other projects.