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MC-SCREEN H.264 and MPEG-2 HD/SD Desktop Encoding



what you see......


........is what you stream

MultiCoder™ MC-SCREEN is an advanced software engine for taking local desktop views and sending them as IPTV streams on the network for: PC and TV/STB clients, monitoring/mosaics and for stream-recording. Screens are captured in native resolution without scaling or conversion, processed as true video formats and delivered in crystal clear images. Up to 1080p HD and even 2k HD is supported. Flash® streaming is possible via Wowza® Flash Server.

MC-SCREEN is deployed in corporate, educational, military, medical, meteorological and in hospitality, entertainment, digital signage installations worldwide.

  • In-house PowerPoint streams
  • Flash presentation channels
  • Complete website (text+graphics+video) streaming
  • Image transmissions xray, 3D imaging
  • Gaming PC screen distribution/recording
  • Radar and air traffic control
  • Training-Monitoring of desktops
  • Realtime PC applications: Trading, exchange, weather
  • Hotel IPTV info-channels

The MC-SCREEN encodes any local desktop- and screen-applications such as PowerPoint, Excel/Word, Websites etc. HD-resolution for detailed reproduction of text, figures and fine picture textures is supported. Furthermore the MC-SCREEN transmits unicast and multicast streams which can be encoded in MPEG-2 SD/HD and H.264 SD/HD. All output streams are ISO-standard compliant transport streams. The MC-SCREEN is an exclusive software encoding application which is designed for PC's and laptops, without a grabber card. Additional Features include: up/down conversion, framerate conversion and text/date/time insertion. Streaming of desktop applications for digital signage player is one application area amongst many.

Download MC-SCREEN Datasheet pdf 190 kb
Download MC-SCREEN User Guide pdf 1459 kb
Download Application Note pdf 134 kb