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Digital Signage

Olympia Stadium Berlin
In modern sports venues, arenas and event centres, digital signage systems are essential for delivering target-oriented adverts and messages using high quality video, graphics and scrolling Text.  

The operators of the Olympia Stadium Berlin required a simple solution to distribute diverse media such as video, graphics, scrolling text and websites to more than 215 plasma displays and TV monitors.

  1. The digital signage application was to introduce a new business model to the operators of the Olympia Stadium. The main goal was to create additional revenue based on displaying adverts and sponsor’s information accurately.
  2. The digital signage system should facilitate the dynamic and target-oriented distribution of media. Different areas of the stadium should have screens with video content, adverts and welcome messages that can be changed quickly and independently from each other.
  3. Screens in the different areas of the stadium are capable of displaying unique content, which means that all the retail outlets, refreshment areas, VIP boxes and hospitality suites can be rented by different clients and targeted specifically.
  4. The media should be distributed under automation control from a central control room. The automation management should be simple and intuitive.
  5. The distribution system should be able to configure the plasma displays, monitors and set top boxes and switch them on and off remotely.
  6. The management system should also be capable of monitoring all the networked devices to identify and localize any problems immediately.

Technical Solution
All plasma displays and monitors are connected directly to set top boxes, which supply them with audio and video signals. The Set Top Boxes provide the interface to the network-based IPTV and digital signage system.

The plasma displays and monitors can be remotely controlled via the set top boxes and it is possible to switch them on or off and adjust volume, brightness and contrast. The media content for the displays is stored on the network-based iCue™ streaming media server. Graphic elements and logos are securely stored as JPEG pictures, while adverts are recorded as MPEG-2 on-demand videos.

To display live events or ingest live TV programs, Encoders receive video and audio signals and make them available as real-time streams on the network or record them on to the server. The Set Top Boxes decode these streams and display them on the screens.  

The ElementManager is the core of the entire system.
This software application is able to manage all the connected devices such as encoders, set top boxes, screens as well as the iCue™ streaming server. The ElementManager controls the display of any content on the server or live streams via the set top boxes. It is possible to define separate groups of set top boxes and preset commands so that specific welcome messages or video clips can be accurately targeted to specific screens anywhere in the stadium.  

Using the ElementManager, local control can be activated on the set top box and viewers can then choose their own content using the IR remote control or keyboard. Viewers can interactively select video on-demand content, live TV channels or websites. The ElementManager also takes care of the surveillance and monitoring of the network devices. Alarm signals, status reports and system errors are reported and displayed on the ElementManager.

Additional Values and Benefits

Teracue’s network-based IPTV and dynamic digital signage system combines the following advantages:

  • Minimal system wiring. All-over-IP solution.
    No multiple cables, no video switches and no video amplifiers are required.
  • Support of diverse display devices such as plasma displays, LCD’s, TV’s, monitors and video projectors. The system is vendor independent on the display side.
  • The iCue™ server and digital signage system is modular and easily expandable.
  • The system promotes the development of new business models, with a quick return on investment, through target-oriented advertising, sponsor content and infotainment.

Teracue stands for high quality video, intelligent media storage systems and simple management of Video-over-IP and IPTV. Teracue’s Digital Signage IP video system at the Olympia Stadium Berlin displays video, graphics and text on plasma displays and monitors. Please see the pdf version for photos and screenshots.

Case Study Digital Signage Olympia Stadium Berlin pdf 870kb