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Digital Business TV

Estrella Trading Center, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Frankfurt
Major Financial Institution implements Teracue IP Video for Security Dealers 

Project description:
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein's implementation of Teracue at the Estrella securities trading facility in Frankfurt provides live and on-demand video services to 2000 desktop PCs, 50 conference rooms, and 30 plasma displays located throughout the facility.  

Streaming input:
Live TV channels and news programs represent the main content that is published and made accessible to the staff of Estrella. Twelve MPEG-2 streaming encoders and twelve MPEG-1 streaming encoders stream a total of 24 channels of multicast MPEG video streams over the network providing live video delivery to thousands of users.

Archived video material, highlight recordings or video training sessions can also be imported and made accessible to the users. Two additional MPEG encoders are dedicated for the ingest of content from a professional video tape player, which is managed by iCue™ ClipControl software, providing managed EDL-style timecode-based ingest of pre-recorded content. Live video which is recorded "on the fly" to the server, can be edited with iCue™ ClipTrimmer software, enabling non-destructive trimming of individual clips from large segments of MPEG recordings.  

Streaming backbone and core:
At the core of the implementation, 10 iCue™ streaming server systems provide on-demand content delivery, while 2 iCue™ systems are dedicated to the recording and storage of live streams. 2 terabytes of online RAID-5 video storage are shared by the iCue™ servers through a fiber channel Storage-Area-Network (SAN). 2 additional iCue™ systems are dedicated for user portals and load management.

Streaming output: At the "edges" of the network, 50 conference rooms are equipped with set-top decoding appliances. 30 additional public plasma displays are also equipped with video decoding devices. These video delivery endpoint products provide remotely manageable, full DVD-quality delivery of video and audio as well as graphics and text overlays, to virtually any television, monitor, or large-screen projection system.
2000 desktop PCs access live or stored content online, using a simple web browser, and iCue™ XPlayer video client component which enables browsers to display a catalogue of live and stored content, and receive and play live or stored video streams at full DVD-quality. 

Streaming management:
A third workstation is used to manage the scheduling of recordings, loop recordings, and the creation of "House Channels", which are a series of back-to-back clips, played out from the server as a multicast across the network, resembling "live" channels to end users.
"House Channels" are created by assembling a "playlist" of clips resident on the server, enabling content managers to create their own house "TV stations" with fully customised content.

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