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Defense & Aerospace

Teracue’s pure hardware H.264 encoders are known to provide mission-critical video information and are installed on land, at sea and in airborne applications.

The ENC-300 series delivers high quality video, if needed including KLV metadata (STANAG 4609) to insert GPS or other data into the video stream.

The ENC-300’s advantages are the ruggedized and robust design, as the unit contains no moving parts. It can be operated in extreme temperature environments from -35°C to + 60°C. Next to that the low latency encoders are compact and lightweight, ideal for installations in UAVs and in aircraft.

Defense, military, naval and aerospace organisations utilize high-end video encoding and Teracue IPTV systems for border control, backhaul of ISR images for presentation and analysis, and for test and training range video applications.

Command and tactical displays, telemetry screens and computer graphics are encoded at up to 1920x1200 resolution, and easily distributed to additional viewers or for recording, archiving and debriefing.

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