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DEC-200 H.264 and MPEG-2 SD Decoder Blade and PORTABLE Device

DEC-200 DEC-200
Decoder and Receiver for H.264 SD and MPEG-2 SD Streams
Real-time decoder blade with signal outputs for SDI (embedded audio supported), PAL/NTSC, Composite, S-Video, RGBS, Component, Genlock, AES and analogue audio incl. breakout cable "S".

The new DEC-200 decoder series receives H.264 SD and MPEG-2 SD LIVE streams from the network and decodes them in real-time. DEC-200 is a LIVE stream decoding output. The DEC-200 blades provide the video/audio streams that are present on the network to connected playback devices, such as monitors and TV's. Signals are processed in professional DVD/DVB-quality.

With the new DEC-200 series, live H.264 SD and MPEG-2 SD real-time decoders are especially designed for demanding applications and 24/7 operation. DEC-200 models are based on the robust and compact design of the proven blades that are also used for the ENC encoder and DVB video gateway series.

DEC-200 decoder blades receive live streams and convert them into analogue or digital signals output. Thus AV playback devices receive access to network-based video. Technically seen, DEC-200 decoder blades allow digital H.264 SD and MPEG-2 SD network transmission. The transmission is based on standard, ISO-compliant transport streams. MPEG-2 SD transport streams are also used the digital video broadcasting, television signal DVB. 

The DEC-200 decoder blades can be operated flexibly in different housings and enclosures of the FR Chassis series. The Teracuce Video-Networking blades of the DEC, ENC and DVB series are the most compact and robust network-codecs that are available on the market today. DEC-200 blades have no moving parts such as fans or hard drives. The blades are configured and remotely controlled using standard web browsers or over SNMP. Several decoder blades can be managed easily and centrally using Teracue's ElementManager.

Tip: The DEC-200 series is the counterpart for the renowned ENC-200 encoder series. Both products allow quick, secure and high-quality (DVD/DVB) audio/video transmission over LANs and Intranets. ENC encoders and DEC decoders together are the ideal product components for network-based video. It does not matter whether it is simply point-to-point video transmission or complex point-to-multipoint distribution. The following applications are only some examples for use of Teracue products for high-quality Video-over-IP: video transmission (video & broadcast equipment, BusinessTV, live training & CampusTV), video trunking and video linking (broadcast, studio equipment), monitoring & surveillance (control room, military).

Download DEC-200 Datasheet pdf 251 kb
Download DEC-200 User Guide pdf 2.117 kb